War of Change

Every person will make frequent changes over the course of their lives, hopefully for the better of both themselves and their social surroundings. This is the way of life. We learn and we change to adapt to our surroundings and then we affect our surroundings based upon the changes that we make. This, in turn, becomes the catalyst for someone else’s change and the process goes on forever. People changing people changing people. 

Within each person is an infinite number of drivers for that change. What I mean by that is that within us all are a multitude of prejudices, attitudes and previous teachings that lead us to believe a specific way about how life works. This causes us to respond to each change catalyst based on these variables.

Todd Jick and Maury Peiperl remind us that “the drivers of change are many – too many to list, which is why managing change is more an art than a science. In a given industry, for a given firm, there may be a set of drivers unique enough, despite the substantial experience of those involved, that each approach to change must be worked out anew”.

What this tells us is that each individual’s response to change will be different and each individual might also respond differently to the same change agent if given the chance on different days. This seems to point towards a completely random process of events that move us all towards the future as a society. However, that is not the case.

Within each individual, is the ability to learn. We can evaluate the decisions that are being made by those around us and adjust our own desires so as to avoid the bad decisions that have been made previously. That’s a blessing but also something that must be pursued. It does not happen automatically. Our default is to fail in regards to self-betterment.

So, what does this lengthy ramble provide us with today? Hopefully encouragement. You do not have to continue to make the mistakes of those around you or even a repetition of your own bad decisions. Set a new course. Decide to be something new. Change the way you think and see the world so that when the change catalyst is set before you, the response is new and beautiful.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.


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