Life, Not Death

A couple of nights ago, someone that I work with was returning to her home via train when someone decided to attempt to cross the tracks in front of the train. Their vehicle did not make it across before the train arrived at the same place. Everyone on the train was safe. However, the individual … More Life, Not Death

A Life of Virtue

Are you a virtuous individual? When your life is examined, what will people say about you? What does it mean to have virtue? states that virtue is conformity of one’s life and conduct to moral and ethical principles. Scripture tells us that when Jesus was walking the streets of Jerusalem, a woman touched his robe and virtue … More A Life of Virtue

Nothing New

Do you ever feel like you work and work and work to just get by in life? No matter how hard you try, you still end up fighting to bridge the gap from one paycheck to the next? You sit at home at night and think to yourself, “What is it that I’m doing wrong? … More Nothing New

Easy or Stronger

I found this article over at this afternoon and I thought I would share it over here. It is an extremely short article but drives home one solid point. What is of greater value? Something that was achieved with ease or something that required strength to complete?