If Only

You’ve been cruising along through parenthood for a decade at this point. Your children love you. They still laugh at your jokes. They want hugs constantly and sincerely desire for you to spend time with them. They fight with each other constantly but would never think of attempting to fight with one of your parents. Life is good right…. You’ve got this parenting thing completely figured out. Or do you?

Something happens as they begin to enter their pre-teen years. They start to get a little more distant from you. Seemingly overnight, your jokes are no longer funny and they no longer need you to hug them.

The amazing people over at Focus on the Family remind us that “you realize that the influence of your child’s peers is rivaling your own and that the values of Hollywood are supplanting yours in the child’s world, the waters are crashing down on you and the boulders are everywhere. You’re jolted into the understanding that you’d better grab the paddle now and dig in with all your might before you and your teen are overwhelmed.”

You think to yourself, “Did I do something wrong? Was there a step in this process that I missed? I didn’t abuse my child, why are they drawing away from me? I’ve never neglected my baby, why is this happening to me?” Well, here’s the truth, most of us don’t abuse our children and this still ends up happening. Many parents simply follow in their parent’s footsteps when it comes to how they raise their children. After all, they turned out all right. But did you?

Man, it would be great if someone wrote a book about all of these little things that could potentially be derailing our children. What if someone put out a resource (like an e-book) that took a look at all of the little mistakes that we are making with our children that send them down that road? Wouldn’t it be great if somebody sat down and typed up a 70-page guide on how to avoid the decisions that direct our children to a point where they no longer value or feel that they need our guidance?

If only…..

(to be continued)

Life is Strange… Live it Well…


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