How comfortable is your wait?

Yesterday, one of my boys needed to make a trip to the orthodontist to have some work done on his braces. I typically find little enjoyment in making trips like this because it usually results in a ridiculously long wait in a room that is less than comfortable. This trip was neither.

We arrived at the office twenty minutes before the appointment required us to be there. The receptionist got us checked in quickly and, before we could even sit down, they were ready to see us. I started to go to the back with my boy but then, out of the corner of my eye, something else fell into my vision. They had massage chairs in the waiting room. Are you serious? What is this place?

I very quickly reasoned out in my brain that he did not really need me to go to the back with him. After all, he had been here at least three times before for work. He is a seasoned veteran at this point. I informed him that I would just hang out in the waiting room until he was finished and then made my way towards the massage chair the was unattended.

Twenty minutes later, he was finished and I was incredibly relaxed. I checked to make sure that there wasn’t anything else they could do to his teeth while we were there and after they assured me that he was fine, I said goodbye to the massage chair and made my way to the car.

Such a great experience. However, not at all what I am used to.

Mike Harder states that “whether grounded at the airport or standing in the never-ending line at the DMV, we’re familiar with the waiting game. We may not like it, but it’s something we do. For most of our lives, we’ve been waiting for something – a driver’s license, a graduation, a birthday, a spouse, a job… And from here until eternity, we’ll be waiting for whatever’s next.”

How do you handle the wait? How good are you at being patient while whatever is next in life begins to unfold for you? How patient are you when that process takes much longer than what you anticipate? For many of us, that transition time can be rough, especially when we are fully aware of what we want to do next. For that matter, often times we attempt to push it too quickly. This is where patience and contentment come into play.

While we all get excited about the next stages of our lives, being content where you are is an important quality to develop. It allows you to hold on a little longer when you feel like the wait is stretching on too long. Being content does not mean settling for anything less than what you want in life. Instead, it means being okay with waiting out the process. Because, as you know, not every wait comes equipped with a massage chair. For that matter, most of them do not.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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