Easy or Stronger

I found this article over at samdavidson.net this afternoon and I thought I would share it over here. It is an extremely short article but drives home one solid point. What is of greater value? Something that was achieved with ease or something that required strength to complete?

Easy or stronger

Nearly every product wants to make your life easier. The ones that make this case most clearly fly off the shelves.

Some products want to make you stronger. They don’t sell as well.

Fast food is a bigger industry than health food and recliners and TVs outsell fitness equipment, even though we all know what’s better for us.

Easy is a promise that’s a breeze to make, offering quick results. Strength is a tougher sell, requiring time and hard work.

But easy doesn’t make anyone strong. On the contrary, getting stronger makes things easier.

Easy isn’t always an option. Stronger is.



Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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