Life, Not Death

A couple of nights ago, someone that I work with was returning to her home via train when someone decided to attempt to cross the tracks in front of the train. Their vehicle did not make it across before the train arrived at the same place. Everyone on the train was safe. However, the individual impacted by the train was not. In a split second, their life was gone. 

So fragile is this existence. Death comes for us all. Yet, as scary as that can be at times, it is also a commonality of all people. We all die. And, not only that, we all experience death in those around us. How do we deal with it?

Billy Graham was quoted as saying “how we deal with death and tragedy says a lot about what kind of people we are. All too often we glance at the newspaper and notice that another celebrity has died; a phone call or letter brings sad news about a friend’s death. We hurt for our loved ones and mourn our own losses, but how prepared are we to face death as a reality and deal with the difficult challenges it creates?”

Many people can become fixated on death. I had a resident in my care once who was obsessed with the death of one of his favorite singers. This was concerning to us but not at all abnormal. It is common for people to fixate on mystery and death. Celebrities often become more interesting post-mortum. Authors tend to gain more notoriety once they are dead. Artists are rarely appreciated during life but will often become idols after they are gone. Abandoned buildings stand as monuments of past times.

See what I mean. We’re fascinated with mortality.

Yet, what if we were as fascinated with life as we are with death? What if we lived each day in awe of the world that is spinning around us? What if we hit the ground every morning thanking God for what he has placed in front of us? What would life be like if we invested ourselves into the lives of those who are here with us instead of counting the days until our demise?

I think life would hold much more meaning.

I think that you would experience much more joy.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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