Debt Will Drown You

Our nation is not in the best place financially. Of course, this is no new secret and has been a huge problem for decades now. Debt piles onto even more debt as funding is created for programs where there was not already money available. The amount of debt that our country has accumulated has reached a point of being unfathomable. The average person cannot wrap their heads around the number. We are left wondering, “How in the world can this ever be fixed?” The conclusion that most people come to is that is simply can’t.

Dave Ramsey reminds us that “our nation’s financial situation, with record budget deficits and bank failures, is deplorable. However, the nation’s situation is only a reflection of our own personal inability to ‘just say no’ to ourselves. Our failure to get control of financial matters in our personal lives will have to be rectified before we can demand accountability from elected officials.”

America loves debt, both on a national and a personal level. It is encouraged through media and handed out freely through our financial institutions. I was driving home a few days ago and heard an advertisement on the radio for a local car dealership that was all but begging people to go into debt for their vehicles. Many people will go take out a loan without even batting an eye. In their minds, the money can always be paid back so why not go into debt for something. It is far less frequent that we hear people being encouraged to make more money so that they can pay cash for these things instead of accumulating more debt.

Yet, here is the big problem with debt. It severely limits your options in life. You find yourself in a position that controls you. You would love to move but your job is the only way you can pay your bills. You would love to do an overseas mission trip but you can’t afford to take off work. There are things that you are passionate about but your debt prevents you from honestly pursuing them. There are places that you are curious to see but you are limited to staying close to home.

You know, life will come at you in a bunch of ways that you would never anticipate. When the waves come and the water rises, how will you respond? The change will always be necessary and the ability to adapt to your surroundings will allow you to stay afloat. Through all of this, financial freedom keeps you moving along. Being anchored to debt will drown you.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.



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