You’ve Still Got Time

It is no secret, at this point, that I rely heavily on a fairly strict daily schedule to keep me on task. It is broken down into areas of importance and is based on Dwight Eisenhower and Stephen Covey’s theories in regards to time management. Using these theories, a person can easily identify things that need to be done versus things that simply aren’t that important.

Most days, this schedule is easy for me. I get the boys out of the house for school and then get to work on my list. Today was not one of those days. You probably can relate. Some days just seem like they are derailed from the moment they start.

This morning, I woke up to a migraine, or at least an extremely overwhelming headache. I just couldn’t focus on anything well for at least an hour after I woke up. This begins the problem with my schedule. See, there are a handful of things that I can always rely on getting done while the boys are getting ready for school. They are small things. However, checking them off my list before my day really starts gives me a boost going into the rest of my morning. This did not happen today.

One of my boys makes the statement that I looked incredibly tired as we were walking to the bus stop. So, if I looked as tired as I felt, I’m sure that he was right. I don’t know if a headache and my sleepiness were related but I felt like I could easily sleep for a few more hours.

And, that is exactly what I did…

So, a routine that typically begins around 6:30 was not to get off the ground until closer to 11:30 on this day. And you might think, not a big deal… Definitely now worth a pity party or anything. And it really isn’t. However, I rely on the use of the internet for a lot of my daily routine as well and it simply was not working today. More time spent doing other things. I mean, there were some routine related items that I could check off without the internet but you know how it is.

You have a way of doing things and when it gets thrown off, the whole day is wasted. And, there lies the problem. It is now 4:52 and there are still at least 5 to 6 more usable hours in my day.

See, what I have to remind myself is this. You always have time to get one more thing done. That is until you don’t have time anymore. Then, you just call it a day.

Now, how is that relevant?

This really isn’t a lesson about today. When I go to bed tonight, I will be content with what I did accomplish. So, how is this relevant beyond myself and this issue?

It doesn’t really matter if the conversation is about today. Maybe it’s really about this week. Or this month. Or this year. Maybe it’s about this life. Do you ever reach a point where you think you don’t have enough time left for something so why bother?

The week is almost over so why worry about that work project?

The month is almost over so why worry about the budget?

The year is nearly done. I didn’t reach any of my goals this year.

Or, for those who are advanced in age….

What am I to do with the fact that I am older now? Am I locked into a career? Can I change things about who I am?

I would say the same things to each of these scenarios. You always have a little more time, that is, until you simply don’t. As long as the day isn’t over, you still have time to get something done. As long as the week isn’t over, you can still get work done. As long as the month is current, you can still work to stay under budget.

As long as you are still drawing breath into your lungs, you can change who you are.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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