What if 2018 is Awesome?

I saw a meme a few days ago that had a person getting punched in the face by 2016 and 2017. This person was staring blankly at 2018 as if she was just assuming that the same was going to happen. There was just a preparation for failure that was apparent. But, what if it didn’t have to be like that?

What if we looked at this new year as a chance to win? What if we took all of the mistakes of the last year, or heck, even the last decade and simply put them aside? What if we set new goals that had nothing to do with our failures of the past? What if we decided to set a completely new direction or course for our lives? I mean, that’s really why people continue to look at their years as failures as they continue to pass them by. We set the same old expectations every single year.

I’m going to lose so much weight.

I’m going to stop drinking soda.

I’m going to stop drinking things more destructive to our bodies and families than soda.

I’m going to stop smoking.

Year after year, we set those goals and watch as we fail. How about we set a new goal this year and see what happens. Maybe try something new. Perhaps this year, you set the goal of writing an e-book over the next 12 months. Does that sound lofty? It really isn’t. I wrote one this past year in 3 months.

Try something new.

Credit is given to Mollie Thompson Photos

You know, this year started out exactly as the last one ended up. Cold and snowy. It doesn’t feel like a new year yet. However, that is to our advantage. Start with your new goal today. That way, when it gets warm and we finally start feeling like a new year is upon us, we will be ahead of the game.

See, 2018 doesn’t have to be terrible. We don’t have to take on this next year feeling like we are about to get punched in the face again.

What if 2018 is awesome? It’s possible, but….

It’s up to you.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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