Fat Daddy Has Got To Go

I don’t like being a liar. It makes me feel bad and is probably not good for the relationships that I try to maintain. Yet, there it is. Sometimes I tell lies. Now, before everyone starts making assumptions about the kind of person that I am, let me explain. I do not deliberately lie to people. However, when you tell someone that you will do something or be a certain way and you do not follow through, that’s pretty much what it is right?

Elisa and I moved to Virginia nearly two years ago, there was one condition. Fat Daddy had to lose some weight. Now, my wife has my best interest at heart. When she comments on my weight is out of genuine concern for my health. So, in order for me to pull her away from her entire family and move halfway across the country, I had to agree to lose 50 pounds. I agreed to it and promised her that I would.

Now, when we moved here, I weighed about 230 pounds. I’m just under 240 now. That’s not exactly what a person would call weight loss. In fact, gain is probably the more accurate term for what I have accomplished in the last 20 months. So, I lied.

And, that’s not cool.

One of the quickest ways to hurt your marriage is by lying to your spouse. If you cannot keep your word, can you be counted on for other things?

Today, Elisa and I did some P90X together. Man, I hate exercising so much. But, I did it. And, it wasn’t that bad. Forty-five minutes of cardio went by quicker than I thought it would and I feel pretty good now. Even better, Elisa and I did it together. Trust me, the more time that a couple can find to spend together, the better off they are.

2018 is going to be my year. I got a lot accomplished last year between further developing my blog, graduating college and writing a book (You should buy a copy). This year is going to be even bigger. I can feel it. I want to expand my writing a little bit to name just one of my plans.

A person can safely lose 2 pounds a week with regular exercise. In order to drop 50 pounds, I don’t even need to lose that much. Moderate exercise and a healthy diet (which really isn’t a struggle for me) are on the schedule for this year.

What’s on your plate?

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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