Turn Back Time

At the age of 41 (42 in three weeks), it’s easy for me to look back and imagine how life would be different if I had lived my twenties a little different. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t actually want to change anything about my twenties. I am perfectly content with how my life has turned out, particularly in regards to my wife and my children. I am aware that any number of decisions that were made differently in life could have drastically changed the outcome of my life to this point. Continue reading “Turn Back Time”

Big Things

One of the biggest obstacles that a person faces when attempting to line up their day. What do you do with each little block of time? Regardless of how you structure your time, you will face this decision. Some people break their days into hourly blocks and some will go so far as to schedule every ten minutes of their day. However, despite the different ways that we set up our daily schedule, the one thing that should always come first is scheduling all of the big events first. Continue reading “Big Things”

Get Paid For Writing And Blogging

Sometime towards the end of March in 2016, I began a journey of discovery. Having always had the desire to write and present something that might be of use to someone other than myself, I signed up for my WordPress account and started writing for This Strange Life. At first, it was just a hobby blog. I really just wanted to engage with my creative side as well as give my mom something to keep up with after my family moved to Virginia.  Continue reading “Get Paid For Writing And Blogging”

Ready For Spring

I stepped outside onto my front porch this morning and quickly came to the conclusion that today would not be a shorts day. No matter how much I want it to be spring, we’re not quite there yet. But, I assure you, I am counting down the days. However, the weather has been warmer lately. Just two days ago, I was in shorts and a t-shirt and entertaining the thought of putting away all winter clothes until next year.  Continue reading “Ready For Spring”

Ranking The Best Passive Income Investments

We spend a decent amount of time discussing finances on this site. I feel like getting a handle on your finances is one of the first steps that a couple should take in creating stability for their family and should be considered at the front end of a marriage. However, this conversation needs to be revisited from time to time as new obstacles come along. Increases in pay or a new career are often the go-to answer in regards to how we create more financial flexibility, but that is not the only way. Continue reading “Ranking The Best Passive Income Investments”

Moving On

It can often be difficult to establish what parts of your life or parts of you that should carry over from one part of your life to another. We all pick up habits and preferences along the way. However, what works in your twenties might not work in your thirties and could be holding you back from being successful as you move into your forties.  Continue reading “Moving On”

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