Moving On

It can often be difficult to establish what parts of your life or parts of you that should carry over from one part of your life to another. We all pick up habits and preferences along the way. However, what works in your twenties might not work in your thirties and could be holding you back from being successful as you move into your forties. 

How do you know what needs to be let go?

When I was a child, I collected baseball cards. This began for me right around 1984 or 1985 and continued on through my childhood and into my adult years. Of course, most of my baseball card collection had no value whatsoever. For those of you who are card collectors, you know that card companies began mass production of the cards about that same time and, because there were so many of them, their value was minimal.

Two years ago, Elisa and I started making plans to move from Illinois to Virginia. Part of that plan required us to make some decisions about what we would bring with us. If it wasn’t something that we would want to keep or something that provided us with immediate value, it probably needed to go.

You can probably see where this is going. I was 39 years old and still hauling that baseball card collection around with me. From the time that I turned 18, I have lived in 13 different homes and those cards had gone with me to all of them. Now, I’m not talking about a shoebox of cards. I’m talking about tens of thousands of baseball cards. Storage tubs full of cards were stacked up in the corner of the garage in Carmi.

My intention was to eventually sell those cards. However, the realization was setting in that I would never sell them. How could I? They were worth nothing. I read an article not too long ago that talked about how we place far more value on our stuff than anybody else does. The junk that is sitting in your garage and attic probably has no value to anyone else in the world besides you.

Once the reality of the situation settled in (I was going to continue to haul those cards around with me forever), I had to make a decision. And, that decision came quick (before I could talk myself out of it). I carried those tubs from the garage to the dumpster and pitched them in.


That was difficult. For a second, I considered climbing into the dumpster and fishing them back out. I had an attachment to something that was serving no purpose in my life. Hoarding up those cards was doing me no good whatsoever. And, beyond that, it was not helping my family either.

The next day, I woke up and I felt liberated. I know this probably sounds silly. However, the burden of carrying those things around with me for all of those years was greater than I understood. I felt like I had invested way too much to cut bait with them. It had become a necessary move and I benefitted greatly from making it.

Okay, so where is all of this going?

What needs to be cut loose in your life and what can you keep? This is not just in regards to your stuff. What parts of your life need to be shifted from a present reality to a past memory? What are you carrying around currently that sits on you like a monkey on your back?

I would suggest this. Every three or four months, evaluate your life. Are your things, your habits and your behaviors all moving you towards your goals? Process all of these things through your brain. If they are meeting those goals, then they need to stay. They will guide you as you move forward. However, if these things are not lining up with where you want to be in the next five or ten years, maybe it’s time to make a trip to the dumpster.

I am including this video on SMART goals today because I think it will shed some light on how you can evaluate those life goals. We all need to get a clearer picture of our life.

Because, as we all know…

Life is Strange. Let’s take the steps necessary so that we can Live it Well.

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