The idea of living absolutely bare-bones has always had a certain appeal to me. I remember my dad taking me with him to visit a friend of his once. The guy lived inside of an old grain bin that he had set up next to the woods along the river. He had set up a […]

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The True Meaning of Success

The meaning of success is something that we have looked at here a handful of times at This Strange Life. However, with so many people focusing their attention to what it is exactly that it means, it is always worth taking another look. What can we take away from the interactions that we have with […]

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The True Source of Evil

It has long been debated as to how evil come to be in this world. Did God create it? Did it originate with Adam and Eve? Was evil created by Satan? These questions are all as valid as they are old. However, recently, a more concrete explanation for the origin of evil has been unearthed. 

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Stay Busy in Your Idle Time

Idle hands are the devil’s playground… Isn’t that the old saying? I have noticed, at least in residential care (where I work), that the more unscheduled time that an individual allows themselves, the more likely they are to get bored or get into trouble. This is not a problem that is restricted to just teenage […]

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