Adventures In Parenting – Chad & Casey Kerns

Today, we are shifting gears here in This Strange Life. I typically attempt to produce content that is related somewhat to the topics of parenting or finance in order to help move along the idea of the healthy family. To this point, I have never had a regular column on the blog but today that changes. 

Adventures in Parenting takes us into the life of an individual or couple who are currently parents in order to get an idea of how they navigate their way through the process of raising up their children. So, here’s how this works. My first guests will be Chad and Casey Kerns of Lincoln, IL. I have provided them with a list of 25 or so questions of which they were instructed to choose five. This will serve as an interview of sorts with the conversation being, for the most part, of their choosing.

Let’s take a moment and get to know Chad & Casey.

Chad and Casey Kerns have been married for 10 years. They have two beautiful children, Kennedy (“almost 8”) and Quinn (2), and 1 dog named Joey. They have lived in Lincoln, IL for 9 years. Chad works for the local water company and Casey works as a phlebotomist at a doctor’s office in town.

Question #1: At what age is it appropriate for a kid to get a cell phone?

My daughter has asked the question MANY times. We’ve agreed that she has no use for a cell phone until she is legally able to stay home by herself (which is 13). We no longer have a house phone so we wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving her home alone without one. She already has cousins and friends at school with phones so she asks us pretty frequently why they have phones but she can’t. Just now, she read this question over my shoulder and she responded with “oh, it’s 13.”

Question #2: Do your kids sleep in your bed?

We have had a VERY STRICT “no kids in our bed” policy from the day they were born. Each of them slept next to our bed for the first few weeks of their lives until they began sleeping through the night. Both of them were sleeping in their own rooms by 2 months of age. We have many reasons but the main reason is that we can’t have any private time as parents when there is constantly a child between us. Another reason is simply that it is a habit that’s very hard to break! What if we decided to have 4 kids? Where would they all sleep? And at what age would you make them sleep in their own beds?

Question #3: How did you feed your baby?

I tried nursing both of my children. I wasn’t as successful as I had hoped I would be. With my first child, I was not nursing as often as I should have been and I lost my supply almost immediately. With my second child, I was able to nurse for 3 months but I did not produce enough milk to keep him full so I was supplementing with formula. There is no right or wrong answer to this debate. What matters is that your child is fed and you’re doing what’s right for yourself and your family. I know too many moms who shame themselves because they are physically unable to nurse or produce milk. No one should be shamed for the way they care for their child….but that’s a whole other topic.

Question #4: How good of a parent do you think you are?

I consider myself an above average parent. I’m not exceptional by any means but I feel like I’m instilling good values in my children. My children attend church on a regular basis. I teach them about treating everyone the same no matter what they look like. They know right from wrong. The basics. I try to spend time with them as often as I can despite working 40 hours a week outside the home. I think I’m doing my best at making them the type of people who will become responsible adults in 10-15 years.

Question #5: Do you party in front of your kids?

Definitely not!! How are we supposed to teach our children to be responsible adults when we’re acting irresponsibly ourselves. To me, partying is something that is for college-age students who don’t have a family or children. We do have alcohol from time to time. Even that is something that I don’t want to become commonplace for my children. When they open the refrigerator I don’t want them to see a case of beer or a bottle of liquor. To each his own, of course.

And, that does it. I hope you all have enjoyed the interview and possibly gained some insight or ideas in regards to your own children. As always, feel free to keep the conversation going in the comment section below. Check back in next Friday for our next installment of Adventures in Parenting.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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