The Kinda Stuff I Watch

Up until about two years ago, Youtube didn’t serve much of a purpose for me. I might watch videos on there every once in a while but I did not really use it as a regular source of entertainment. Then, I got my smart tv and realized that youtube was installed on the tv and would give me something free to watch as long as my internet connection was good.


From that point on, I began finding all sorts of things to watch. From cooking shows to NBA critics to educational stations like TED talks, a plethora of viewing options began fallin before my eyes. So, as I have been blogging, many of the videos that I have watched have ended up embedded in my content. Many of you have messaged me that you really enjoy the video content and have returned to the posts just to watch some of the content that I have discovered.

With that in mind, we return to previous content in this compilation post known as…

Zach’s Youtube…

From this point on, you will be viewing a multitude of Youtube videos that have made up the recent video portion of my content. They range from music videos to instructional videos and so on. I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I have.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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