Williamsburg, Part One – Powhatan Resort

Recently, at our place of employ, we have switched our work schedule. Typically we work a seven on four off schedule but have recently switched (voluntarily) to a schedule that only provides us with a couple of days off instead. What this means for us is that we have to be a little more deliberate about what we do with our downtime.

Elise’s birthday was last week and we were working so we didn’t really get a chance to celebrate it properly. So, we decided that this week, we would take mom out and make the whole trip just about her.

Now, I don’t know if any of you use Groupon whenever you were looking for deals on vacations and such. If you do not, you definitely need to start. And, if you do, you know exactly what I’m talking about when I say you can get some really sweet vacation deals through their website.

I noticed a couple of weeks ago that they were running a Groupon for the Powhatan Resort in Williamsburg, Virginia. According to their site, I could get a one bedroom set up for $55 per night. This was supposed to be enough space for a family of four. It advertised as one king bed, one queen pull out, and a kitchen area. I was definitely not disappointed with what we received.

Williamsburg is about a 3-hour drive from where we live and we did not get out of the house until well past noon. So, we arrived at our destination sometime between four and 5 o’clock. We checked in a process that took much longer than it should’ve. After that, we were sent to the concierge desk where they began their pitch for a timeshare.

Now, this is the only complaint that I have about the entire experience. About halfway through the pitch that was being made, I pointed out that I wasn’t interested in a timeshare and only wanted to stay at the resort for the two days that I had with my family. The lady at the desk insisted that this was not a timeshare pitch and that I would benefit from it. This came after I explained to her that I was there with my children and were certain that they would not be interested in sitting through a three-hour presentation. I tried my hardest not to be rude to this woman but eventually ended up having to walk away from her because she would not take my less than vague hint. So, beware. If you plan to come to this location they will attempt to sell their membership to you from the moment that you step onto the property. But, like I said. This was my absolute only complaint with the location.

The resort was not set up like a motel. Everyone stays in their own home. The entire place is built like a small community neighborhood. The unit that we stayed in was upstairs above another unit. However, we had two floors of this unit to ourselves. Elisa and I had a master bedroom with a king size bed and a full-size bathroom.

The kitchen was more than sufficient. It had a dining room area with a flat-screen television attached to it where I spent a large chunk of my evening catching up on sports.

If you went upstairs, you would find another room where my children were able to stay just by themselves. That room had another flat screen TV on the wall where they spent a large chunk of their evening heavily invested in the Disney Channel.

However, we did not just live in our house there for the evening. There was a lot to do at the resort and we took full advantage of the opportunity. Just across the road from our house was a facility with an indoor pool. My children spent about an hour swimming while my wife and I sat in the hot tub and relaxed.

After that, we went back to our house and changed clothes. Then, we came back to the same building for dinner. On the floor above the pool is the Powhatan’s restaurant called the Bar & Grille. I had their fish sandwich platter. Elisa had a chicken salad. The children had chicken strips and pizza. And, we all had a large platter of chicken nachos. I must confess it was an amazing meal.

There was a putt-putt golf course right across the road from the restaurant so we played 18 holes of golf as well. It was still daylight when we began but became dark fairly quickly. I barely eeked out a win over my wife. The kids finished well behind us but seem to have a lot of fun.

To finish up our evening, we discovered the playground and played tag on the equipment until we were all tired enough to go home and go to bed.

I’ll cover more of our trip tomorrow.

Life is strange. Live it well.

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