The Struggle is Real

I started this adventure called a blog in March of 2016. For those of you counting, that is approximately 26 months of writing at least twice per week. I took this up as a hobby, mainly as a way to stay connected to family back home once we moved out to Virginia. I have compiled over 400 different pieces of content during that time and have made absolutely zero dollars in the process. Now granted, I haven’t really been blogging for a career so my expectations have been that I would earn just as much as I actually have.  Continue reading “The Struggle is Real”

A Momma Bear’s Tale

By Elisa Strange

I hadn’t been real pleased with the Brookneal Baseball League this year. I signed Caleb up in February, & didn’t hear anything until mid-April. I messaged their Facebook group page & our phone number (which has never been changed from our IL area code) was incorrectly relayed to the coach with this area’s code. This was sad because I always make it a point to write my contact info very neatly on forms & such. Continue reading “A Momma Bear’s Tale”

Adventures in Parenting – Travis & Becky Ennis

Adventures in Parenting takes us into the life of an individual or couple who are currently (or have been) parents in order to get an idea of how they navigate their way through the process of raising up their children. So, here’s how this works. This week’s guests are Travis & Becky Ennis. I have provided them with a list of 25 or so questions of which they were instructed to choose five. This will serve as an interview of sorts with the conversation being, for the most part, of their choosing. Continue reading “Adventures in Parenting – Travis & Becky Ennis”

Don’t Be Toxic

Everybody has at least one person that they work with who just seems to ruin the workplace experience for everyone else. You know what I’m talking about, right? They are nearly impossible to work with. They never have anything positive to say about anybody else. They hate their jobs and are quick to communicate that to anyone with ears. It makes you wonder why they even wanted to work here in the first place.  Continue reading “Don’t Be Toxic”

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