Elisa and I have been watching old episodes of Friends lately and it got me to thinking. As ridiculous as those people were (and it was pretty bad), they always had each other’s backs. Through thick and thin, they were there for each other. This show was so popular. It is very rare for a tv show to last ten years.

Lost was one of the most popular tv shows of all time and it only went six seasons. So, what is it about this show that made it last for so long? I’m sure the humor had a large part to play in it. The show is legitimately funny. I’m sure it also didn’t hurt that some of the actors began developing film careers outside of the show. The celebrity marriages that some of the actors were engaged in definitely drew attention to it as well. All of these reasons are a part of the success of Friends. However, I suspect that there was something else driving its success.

There was something relatable for all of us. We wanted to place ourselves in their lives, not because of the reasons that I listed above but because they were like us. These were people who had to share apartments because their budgets didn’t allow for anything else. These were people who hung out at a coffee shop because it held their common interests. These were people who, over the course of a decade together, developed bonds that simply could not be broken by the drama of life that was going on around them.

That’s us.

Every one of us can take a part of that show and say, “Yeah, I’ve been there. I know what that’s like.”

See, one of the strongest desires that we will experience in this life is the need for connection and relationship. Very rarely do you find a person who is perfectly content to have no friends. Even introverted personalities will develop friendships on a less social level. It is in our nature. We need friends. We need someone to help shoulder the burden of life’s failures. We all need someone to come alongside us when it hasn’t been our day…. our week … our month… or even our year.

Take some time today to consider your friendships. Who are the people in your life that make a difference? Maybe you could even let them know how much they mean to you. We assume that the world knows exactly what we are thinking at all times but that is not the case. For those people in your life that truly matter, let them know.

Life is Strange.

Live it Well.

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