Those dogs…..

A few months ago, I wrote about the frustration of having puppies in the house. The poop on things. They pee on things. They chew up everything that you own. They shed on your couch and all of your clothes. There is just, in general, a lot of reasons that a person could have for not wanting a dog. 

So, we have these two puppies. My wife found them on her way home from Lynchburg one night. Their mother had been run over and killed. These two puppies were just hanging out in the road, refusing to leave her. They surely would have been run over themselves if she had not brought them home. The owner did not want them and was more than willing to let them come home with us.

I remember the first night they were in the house. Those dogs were covered in ticks, at least a dozen or more on each of them. They were badly underfed. Sophie looked like she hadn’t eaten anything in days. They were terrified and rightfully so. Life just changed very drastically for them in a very short amount of time.

Now, they are easily twice the size that they were on that night. They chew on my things but they also are very cute. They often pee right where I intend to walk but they are also very snuggly. Sometimes the bark when I’m trying to sleep but they are also bringing an extra level of joy to my family. Sydney absolutely loves those dogs. I stated in another post that I often go back and forth about these dogs. Some days I am so angry at them. Most days I am not. The majority of the time, I love those puppies.

Right now, they are laying in their beds, relaxing. There is no poop or pee. They are not currently chewing on anything or barking their fool heads off. They’re pretty cute and adorable right now. I don’t always admit it but they are a blessing and we should be thankful for the things that bless our lives.

Life is Strange.

Live it Well.

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