Coming Home … For Good

When we moved to Virginia two years ago, we said that we would be house parenting for no more than two more years. Sydney was getting too old to live in a house full of hormonal teenage boys. My plan was to continue on at PHFS in a management position after I finished school.

However, the desire to be back close to our family has become too great to ignore. We will finish out the month of June at PHFS and then make the journey back home. Our landing spot will be Highland, IL where we will be buying a home. Over the past eleven years of Sydney’s life, we have asked her to move a lot of times (She has lived in five different houses) and Caleb has never known anything besides residential care. It is time for my wife and children to have a life of their own and a house to grow up in.

This is by no means a slight to either of the agencies that have employed us for the past eight years. I thank BCHFS and PHFS for giving us the opportunity to serve children and their families alongside them. We have had over 80 teenage boys in our home in the past eight years. I cannot imagine anything that we could have done for the past decade (nearly) that would have been as fulfilling. It has been a blessing and some of my closest friendships have come from the time I have spent here.

To those boys, thank you for the good times (heck, even the bad ones). You have all made my life better.

Our time in Virginia has been a blessing. We have created a lot of permanent memories over the last two years. There have been many trips to the beach (Virginia Beach, Sandbridge, Myrtle Beach and the OBX). We have been able to hike in the mountains, swim in the ocean and visit many historical places along the way. We have been blessed tremendously to be a part of an amazing church family as well as an equally amazing homeschool community. I wish that I could bring them all back with me.

We have made many trips back to Illinois over the past two years. However, in seven weeks, we will make the trip one last time.

So, what does this all mean for the good old blog? Nothing changes other than the location. We will be moving back to Illinois at the end of June. I’m sure I will have a week or so of downtime here as we transition and then all will be back to normal. However, our trips will most likely have more of an Abraham Lincoln feel to it as opposed to oceans and mountains.

I am excited to see what God has in store for us next.

Life is Strange.

Illinois is coming.

Live it Well.

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