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I am a huge fan of music. I feel like music is the great motivator of people. Think about it. How frequently do you find yourself excited about doing things you would not typically do as long as you have music playing? Exercise immediately comes to mind. I am much more likely to get out and exercise in the mornings if I have some music playing than if it is quiet.

Yet, as much as I love music, there really are three categories of music that tend to be my go-to’s over all of the rest…

Christian Rock

90’s Rock

Cover Songs

And, if you can manage to combine those three in some way, I’m done for.

So, today is the day. If you share this love with me, you will enjoy the next two items. If not, sorry. Maybe this will introduce you to something you didn’t know that you loved.

Song #1: Ordinary World by Red (originally by Sting) 


Song #2: Hunger Strike by Seventh Day Slumber (originally by Temple of the Dog)

Hope you enjoyed.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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