Everyone Learns Differently

This post is not anti-school system. I want to throw that out there first thing. Yes, my wife and I home school our children. However, we are not fundamentally against the public school system. We just do not use it. We have always been in an excellent position to educate them at home and chose to do so. Anyways, with that out of the way, we can move on to the purpose of the post. 

Everyone learns differently. There really is not cookie cutter path to a developed mind. I was not really aware of this until I began attending classes at Lincoln Christian University back around 2008 or so. I remember taking a course on education titled Teach / Learn in the Church. In this class, we began looking at all the different ways that people take at putting information in their brain.

Some people function perfectly well in the classroom under verbal instruction. For that matter, from what I remember, a vast majority of the world learns that way. However, there are also people who gain their knowledge better through consumption of video curriculum. Some are hands on and need to be engaged with the material. Everyone is different and absorb information differently.

So, my point, you might ask?

Many of you have children. Whether they are in public school or not, you still have a responsibility to teach them. Pay attention to the methods that you are using to ensure that they are getting the lessons. Tailor your methods for raising your kids so that they get the most benefit from it.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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