Life is Strange…

I woke up at 5:45 this morning with two tasks to complete today. One of them will put the finishing touches on my current career while the other one potentially opens the door for my next one. 

I’ve been sleeping in a lot the last few days so waking up before the sun is up was not my idea of the best way to start my day. However, I got myself out of bed and begin the walk towards the kitchen and my V-8 energy drink that has become a staple of every one of my mornings. I have discovered these to be a much healthier way to kick myself into gear than the caffeine loaded drinks that I was relying on prior.

This morning, there was one more resident in my house. After eight years and over 80 kids, today came down to one boy and driving him to the church so that he could leave for church camp. Last night, before we all went to bed, he guaranteed me that he was going to get up at 5 o’clock and be ready to go before I even got out of bed. At 6 o’clock he was still fast asleep under his blankets. Not even his head was showing from the cocoon that he had made for himself while he was asleep.

I called his name three times before he finally woke up. Seeming surprised that he had somehow slept until 6 o’clock he looked up at me for instruction. We had packed all of his belongings for camp the night before so all he had to do was get dressed and get ready.

By 6:30, he was ready to go. I drove him over to Midway Baptist Church in Phoenix, Virginia where we have been in attendance for the last year and a half. 50 some students that all go there for youth group we’re leaving for FUGE camp this morning. It took about an hour for them all to get registered and to load all of their belongings into the vehicles that were transporting them to the camp. I sat patiently and visited with friends while the last remaining remnant of the past eight years of my life got into a vehicle and drove away.

I hung around the church for a little while and talked to some friends. Everyone is curious about how our move is coming along. I took the time to visit with some people who have been a tremendous blessing to me for the last year of my life. Then, I hopped back in my truck and drove to my house which has been abnormally quiet for the past 10 days since most of my boys have already gone home.

It’s kind of gloomy outside today. It looks like it’s gonna rain but it hasn’t started yet. Days like this typically depress me. I am one of those people that need sunshine in order to function correctly. My brain just doesn’t handle cloudy days real well. I expected that today would be a relief. I’m finally at a point where I don’t have to split my house between my own children and the other children that have been sent to live with me. I don’t see this as if it has been a burden though. It’s just time for my children to have their own home.

Yeah, this morning, I’m at a bit of a crossroads. I’m applying for jobs and have an interview for one today that I really have no experience with. I am interviewing for a sales position with a company that is based out of Chicago. I’ve never sold anything in my life and have done very little for the past decade besides take care of children.

So that’s the second task that’s on my list for today. In an hour, I’ll have a phone interview with someone that I don’t know and who doesn’t know me. This is a little unfamiliar as the line of work that I’ve done for the last decade is very much based on relationships and how will you get to know people. I feel like my strengths have always been in how personable I am with other people. You simply don’t see that on a resume and through a phone interview. However, my hopes are high for the future, whatever that is.

I think that anyone who is reading this who has been in a similar situation probably can relate. The anticipation of what is next is exciting but the stress of what is uncertain can be a bit overwhelming.

Life is uncertain.

Life is full of surprises.

Life leads us down a lot of different roads.


Life is strange. Live it well.

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