Get To Work

I originally posted this as a Facebook status entry four years ago but felt like it was (due to my current employment status) very appropriate to share on here today. For any of you out there who might be juggling the prospects of a new career or find yourself unemployed and searching, perhaps this might serve you in some fashion as it did me this morning. 

I’m watching Transformers 3 (What else would I do while making my bed?) and there is this conversation going on between Shia Lebouf & John Malcovich. John’s character has just offered him a job in his corporation working in the mail room and Shia is railing on about how he has saved humanity a couple of times and deserves better than this. Then, John Malcovich says this:

“Son, you want the job that is after this job. But, this is the job that is standing in the way.”

This is a very profound statement about life in general. Now, I’m not complaining about my job or looking beyond the employment that is in front of me. I love my work and I love my life. I’m not even sure if the real truth about this statement really has anything to do with work or employment.

How many of you relate with the following statement?

“I deserve so much more than what I currently have.”

I think we all have these thoughts from time to time. However, how many of us are willing to work at life wherever we are to reach that place that we think we should be in?”

Our salvation in Christ is the only thing that we receive free in this life. The rest of it we have to work for. If you feel like there is somewhere in life that you want to be other than here, get to work using where you currently are to make it happen.

How easy is it for us to assume that we are owed something simply because we have put in our time. Two years ago, I began the process of completing my graduate studies at Liberty University. I just knew that, upon graduation, employers would be lining up to throw jobs at me. I have been applying for work from that education for nine months now and have had little success.

Many people have expressed similar stories to me. Having an education doesn’t guarantee anything. That’s not to say that we should skip out on college. My point is actually to the opposite. It is education and HARD WORK combined that brings the good jobs.

And, in order to get that good job, sometimes we have to do a job that we don’t like so much first. So, get out there and work. Earn the job that you really want instead of expecting it to be handed to you.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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