They’re Your Responsibility

The goal in raising your child should be to prepare them for the adult world. Any motive other than this reason is probably not beneficial to your child. We should be raising our children so that they are prepared to take on adulthood once they are done with school. Many people will leave that up to the school system, but it really starts at home.

Your public school should be a secondary unit to what you are doing, not the other way around. Parents have a tendency to lay this responsibility on the public school because their child spends a significant amount of time there. Many people even comment on the amount of time they spend at school being greater than home. This is just silly. Let’s consider for a moment what a day looks like. You can essentially break it down into three segments. Each of these segments comprise an eight-hour block regardless of which hour they actually start on. Now, eight of those hours will be spent asleep every night so we will not consider them as part of the time when they are home and influenced by us.

What that leaves us with is an eight hour block where they are at school and an eight hour block where they are at home. Granted, their time at home is often wrapped around their school time and is populated with activities and other things that might pull them back from the house. There is also the obstacle that is provided when both parents are required to work outside of the home. I know this is not a perfect scenario. However, the time at home gains 32 hours on it’s side of the ratio every weekend and I haven’t even gotten to the time we have with them during the summer.

My point here, you have a lot of time available to spend molding your children. You obviously have more one on one time with your child than their school teacher who is required to divide the time amongst 25 to 30 other students. The hard truth here, if you are leaving the child-rearing up to the school system, it is because you are choosing to do so. There really is no other logical reason. You are in charge of bringing that child in your house into adulthood.

Either you do it the way that you know it needs to be done, or…. leave it up to whoever else ends up being in your child’s life. One of those two options is a huge gamble.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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