Side hustle.

Have you heard the term? I remember first hearing someone refer to their extra job as a side hustle a couple of years ago when it started popping up in blog posts. The idea revolves around the extra ways that we can go about cobbling together incomes that supplement our regular vocations.

If it is providing your income in its entirety, it is not a side hustle. It has then become your job. However, there are a lot of ways that you can go about picking up some extra cash during your extra time.

Lena, over at What Mommy Does, has detailed seven of these side hustles (though they are not necessarily just for moms). If you are looking for an extra income, maybe one of these would fit into your skill set and help you along the way. Also, on a side note, my wife works as a tutor for VIP kids (option #2 on the following list) and will vouch for it as a legitimately good way to grab some extra cash.

I get SO MANY questions from moms each day about what I do.

They know I work from home on a blog, but they don’t understand how that can be a real thing. So I not only teach other moms how to become bloggers, but I also explain all kinds of ways to make money as a stay-at-home-mom if that’s something that interests you.


So many people need a way to earn extra income on a flexible schedule from home while they stay at home with their kids. The ability to bring in income when you need it is a true blessing. I am a CPA so I love talking numbers. And I’m a former college instructor, so I love teaching as well.

Without further ado, let’s dive into a handful of ways you can make money from home as a mom!


  1. Blogging – You might think starting a blog is hard, but it actually isn’t as scary as it seems. You can follow this tutorial to get started for $2.95 a month and then build your blog from there. Blogging is one hour here, two hours there kind of thing, and I will help you along the way! I even have a learning site JUST for bloggers where you can get plenty of training. I promise you won’t be alone in this!
  2. Teaching English as a Second Language with VIP Kid – An application takes about 5 minutes and anyone who has a University degree and some basic experience with kids (ie: coach, youth-leader, babysitter, mentor, tutor, teacher, etc.) can apply! I know MANY teachers who teach through VIP Kid on the side.
  3. Amazon Seller – Jessica makes over $50,000 per month as an Amazon seller and she teaches other moms to do what she can do!
  4. Virtual Assistant (VA for short) – This is what my sister does. She is actually MY VA! You can offer so many services as a VA, from image creation to email checking. It’s not difficult. Just learn some skills and apply to help someone who needs help. You can get a free list of ideas of things you can offer in your VA business here >> 150 Services to Offer as a VA
  5. Crafter – I think one of the most fun things you can do on the side is sell things on Etsy. Etsy is an established platform where you can offer just about any kind of handmade item for sale. The sky’s the limit with your creativity here!
  6. Grocery Delivery – There are so many apps out there right now that let people order groceries for one or two hour delivery around town. You can find jobs with them and then delivery groceries as it fits your schedule. Two really popular services are Amazon Now and Instacart. You’ll need to live near an Amazon fulfillment center (in larger cities) to get the Amazon one.
  7. Online Surveys – If you just need a way to make QUICK cash, this is a good option. Nobody gets rich from doing surveys, but they’re a fun way to make money without trying too hard. 🙂

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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