Gifts Your Children Will Always Remember

Where does your brain go when it comes time to start planning for your children’s birthday? Is there a big party in the making or a small gathering of relatives and friends? Do you go all out on one big present or spread the money out over a handful of smaller gifts? Or maybe, you don’t focus on the party or gifts at all and prefer to plan a family trip or special event. Continue reading “Gifts Your Children Will Always Remember”

Sometimes I make it to church

Hey everyone. It’s Sunday morning and still gross outside. In about fifteen minutes, I’m going to be heading over to Mosaic church with my wife for the morning service. Having grown up in church, this is a weird time for me. Because of my job, I am only able to attend church once or twice a month. I keep telling myself that this is a season of life that I just have to get through and that, eventually, I will be able to get my hours shifted so that I have Sundays off again. Continue reading “Sometimes I make it to church”

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