Sometimes I make it to church

Hey everyone. It’s Sunday morning and still gross outside. In about fifteen minutes, I’m going to be heading over to Mosaic church with my wife for the morning service. Having grown up in church, this is a weird time for me. Because of my job, I am only able to attend church once or twice a month. I keep telling myself that this is a season of life that I just have to get through and that, eventually, I will be able to get my hours shifted so that I have Sundays off again.

Then, I got to thinking about the term, “Season of life”. This is not solely a Christian term but is used frequently within church culture to describe a hard or trying time that we must weather while we move on to something greater that God has in store for us. This is pretty simple to understand but could potentially create confusion for someone who was not a part of the culture.

This got me to thinking about other phrases that we use within the church that could be confusing and it brought my brain to this….

Now, this video might be slightly offensive to some Christians but I think it’s important to see how the world outside of the church see us. Many of the things that we say and do are foreign to someone who has not grown up in the church culture. I think it is important for us to keep this in mind when we say or do some of the things that we say or do.

Alright, I’m out the door. Hope you all have a safe and blessed day.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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