Okay. So, a week or so ago, I received a notification from WordPress that I had reached the 500 post mark. This benchmark sort of snuck up on me this time around so I had not prepared any sort of content for the occasion. However, it’s time to celebrate.


As I have in the past, we’re going to take a moment to look back at the past 500 posts and break down some statistics. Since starting in 2016, I have posted 502 times. During that time, all of you have checked in 16,414 times. According to the WordPress stats page, Thursday evenings at 7:00 is when the majority of you have been reading my work.

First off, I want to thank you for sticking with me for the last three years. It has been a joy to post and I know my activity has diminished somewhat since I moved back to Illinois. As life slows back down for me, I anticipate an increase in my posting rate.

Secondly, here’s a look back at four of your favorite posts since 2016.

Top post of 2016

Because Nobody is Immune to Rape

My husband has been asking me for a month now to write a guest spot for his blog and up until now, I had nothing really pressing to say or anything beyond the mundane happenings of my life (Laundry! Scrubbing toilets! Netflix binges!) to write about.

In light of the Brock Turner incident, however, I (and it appears everyone else out in Internet land) have many opinions and assertions about this case and the lack of justice obtained by the poor victim and her family.  If you have not read the victim’s impact statement, I strongly suggest that you do so (warning:  graphic language/depiction of her harrowing account) You can find that statement here.

Click here to read more.

Top post of 2017

How Do We Deal With Grief?

I woke up at 5:00 this morning and could not get back to sleep. It might have had something to do with the 5-year-old child that had made his way into my bed and the small of my back. Who knows? All I am certain of is that I was not going back to sleep. I got up, wandered around the house for a bit, and finally resolved myself to the fact that I should go ahead and get started on work. If I cannot sleep, I might as well be productive.

I went on downstairs but did not take my phone with me. Because of this, I could not hear it ringing at 6:00 when my mother called. I had to get the boys up for school around seven so I went on back upstairs to get my phone and my wallet. I remember looking at my phone and getting that sinking feeling that only shows up in your heart when you know something isn’t right.

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Top post of 2018

Be A Donor And Save A Life

There was a boy that lived in my wife and I’s house around four or five years ago who was adamant that he would never be an organ donor. This always amazed me because there was no logic behind the statement whatsoever. Now, I know, I need to validate his feelings. However, and this was my constant argument to him, he will be dead and will have no use for his organs at all.

His statement was that he did not feel comfortable with his organs being removed in order to be put in someone else’s body. That was just too weird for him. Yeah, I know, right? Makes no sense. However, that was his stance and, I suppose he had the right to take that stance since it was his body.

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Top Post of 2019 (so far)

How To Keep Your Resolution

My pastor made a comment recently about how many individuals make the same New Year’s resolutions year after year after year. You might initially think to yourself, “Wow, that person is goal-oriented. Way to go, person.” However, there is a problem here. If the goal is the same every year, that means they’re not actually reaching the goal.

I think this is pretty common. You hear people commenting on it every year. It seems (and this is not necessarily backed by a statistic) that most people make it less than a couple of weeks without breaking their resolution.

Click here to read more.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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