Everyone Learns Differently, Part 2

My wife and I made a decision, about 7 or 8 years ago, that we would home school our children. That decision has been met by a myriad of differing opinions (not that it is the business of anyone but us) in regards to this decision. Many people have been in support of this decision, as homeschooling tends to produce a unique type of brain that scores higher on standardized testing (look up the studies in these regards if you don’t believe me).  Others criticized our decision based on their belief that our children would fall behind their peer group or become socially retarded because they grow up in a bubble. Continue reading “Everyone Learns Differently, Part 2”

15 Ways To Spread Happiness

The last week has been a rough one for me. I got moved off of the crew that I work with at US Steel and placed in a part of the plant that I am not accustomed to. I do the same job but it is with an entirely different group of people and on a different machine. The process is the same but the machine is set up differently so I have spent the entire week trying to learn where everything is. I suppose that I did okay for the most part but I made a few mistakes that caused problems for the other people on the crew. Continue reading “15 Ways To Spread Happiness”

Kane Was In My House

When I was 18, I got into a huge fight with my father that led to him kicking me out of the house. I remember having a huge shouting match with him out in the driveway. Afterward, I loaded up in my 1976 Postal Delivery Jeep and took off. The jeep became my home until I flipped it over on the highway while racing a friend of mine one night. At this point, I was officially homeless. Continue reading “Kane Was In My House”

Calm Down, Again

How many times, over the past year or so, has something happened to you that seemed like it could have been the end of the world? Okay, let’s go back over the past 5 years? Perhaps a decade? You can probably track down something that fits in this category. A weird turn in life leaves you wondering what will happen next. Logically, you can adjust and keep on going. Continue reading “Calm Down, Again”

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