Some Useful Nuggets

I was having a conversation with a co-worker, a few nights ago, in regards to the parenting model that many people use for raising their children. He had made the comment about how, in his opinion, many parents just weren’t disciplining their children in the same manner that had been done in decades past. He felt like many children were being allowed to get by with all manner of things that, when he was a child, would definitely have ended in a butt spanking or worse.

Now, this gentleman is a couple of generations my senior so I cannot relate with the era that he spent his childhood in. However, that did hit home a bit. I remember getting spanked when I was a child and it definitely had a lasting effect on me. Yet, today you will hear people say that you should never spank a child. Many consider it to be abuse. So, okay. My father would use a leather belt on me from time to time and, on occasion, would leave red welts on my skin as a result.

Yes, that probably was abusive. But then, there are many people from previous generations that would not consider that to be abusive at all. I’ve heard of people being spanked with frying pans before.

Now, as I am typing this, I must say that I cannot remember the last time that I spanked one of my kids. It, for the most part, is ineffective. Or, at least it is with my children. I personally feel like being spanked was highly effective for me as a child.

You might be thinking, “What’s your point, Strange?”

Well, it brings me to this first nugget that I discovered on facebook this morning. It was originally posted on Abel Segura’s page, but had been shared by a friend of mine. I do not know Abel Segura but appreciate the wisdom here.


The point here is not really whether or not a person should spank their child. Personally, I think that spanking a child is acceptable when it is done for discipline and not to release your own frustration. If it is effective in reigning in your child’s behavior and can be done without instilling an unhealthy fear in them, go for it.

The real point here is that it’s okay for your child to learn how to lose. It is a solid life lesson to learn that you will not always get what you want. AND!!! There can often be negative consequences attached to behavior that insists on always getting what you want, especially when you take means that break rules to get them. We should always validate their feelings in regards to all things but we should not necessarily indulge those feelings.

And, that brings me to my next nugget, which was originally posted on the Hulafrog Lynchburg VA page. People need to stop buying things that they do not need. Guys (and gals), you don’t have to spend every last penny that you find in your pocket. Put a few of them back for later, like much later….. like…. YEARS LATER…..


Trust me, you will appreciate it later, like YEARS LATER, when you have all this extra money and don’t have to struggle to pay your bills.


Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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