Save Money Every Day

We’re all trying to find ways to trim our budget. Or, at least, we should be, right? We all understand that spending recklessly without keeping track of where our money is going is a recipe for disaster that, for the most part, keeps the majority of America living paycheck to paycheck.

An intelligent person should take every opportunity to cut their expenses as frequently as it makes sense to do so. Granted, there are some expenses that come up that might not be smart but simply add to our comfort level. These are okay as long as they are not killing our budget. The $10 a month that I spend on Spotify is a prime example. This expense is not killing my budget and I absolutely love music. It makes sense to keep it around.

This video is on the Khan Academy website and is brought to us by the people over at Better Money Habits. It details some moves that we can easily make to curb some of our extra spendings. Remember, every dollar that we spend today, we are taking out of the pockets of tomorrow. Adversely, every penny that we save today is building a better tomorrow.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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