Be Ready For Anything

I was listening to a podcast on The Art of Manliness last night that talked about how important it is to prepare our children for their transition into adulthood. And, that got me to thinking…

What exactly are the most important lessons for us to teach our children? Or, is it even our responsibility to teach our children to make that transition? Many people simply leave that process up to the public school system which often times falls short (mainly because that’s not what it is there for).

My comment about leaving that transition up to someone else was more sarcasm than anything though. I fully believe that we, as parents, should be their primary education in regards to becoming adults. The public school system, local churches, and social engagements should all be secondary to what we are teaching them in the home.

As our children age into adulthood, it is important for us to teach them to create a budget and stick with it. Saving their money should always be a strong point that is stressed as well. It’s also important for us to instill in them the desire to work hard for what they have instead of having things handed to them. We should be requiring our children to purchase and maintain their own vehicles (with some help) around the age of 16 or 17. This means they probably need to have some means of employment as well.

These things are not academic. They are simply practical, life application type of lessons that can be put to use on a day to day basis and, of course, the two things I mentioned are just a tip of the iceberg. There is so much more (feel free to fill up the comment space with more examples).

However, one thing that we do not discuss much is teaching our children to deal with sudden life changes. It’s one thing to instill a desire to work in our children but what will they do when they are suddenly laid off from their job? We should definitely teach them to budget but what about when the money runs out? Life takes all these quick, unexpected turns that we can often not be prepared for. This video that I snagged off of is a perfect example.

How do we prepare our children for the unexpected? How do we get them ready for the ups and downs of adult life? Feel free to comment below with your thoughts and ideas.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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