YOLO Is Really Bad Advice

You only live once.


You hear people throw this phrase around in support of simply living it up. It can often be used as an excuse for just simply going for it. Whatever you want at that moment is worth any risk because….. YOLO…. You only live once.

But, what terrible advice this is. It goes against any logic when it comes to making long-term, life plans. Wisdom will tell you to make plans. Set a budget. Create a mission statement for your life and your family. Find ways to save money instead of spending it. Better yet, create a few avenues for extra income on top of what you currently bring in. Begin creating a road for your family to go down. These things all take a long while to flesh out.

YOLO is for the moment. You have extra money? You want that super expensive car that is outside of your budget? You know you can’t really afford it. YOLO!!! Worry about the consequences later. Buy that car and live it up. After all, you only live once.


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Image borrowed without permission from some person on Facebook.

You worked really hard this year and that income tax return is coming in. You can use that return for the super big screen tv and an ocean cruise. Or, you can also pay down some of your college debt or maybe even pay down some of the debt on that super expensive car that you YOLO’d the year before.

Guess what… YOLO!!!!

You only live once. Forget paying down that debt. You deserve that cruise and that stupid tv.

See what I mean. This is absolutely TERRIBLE ADVICE. Yet, society buys into it over and over and over.

Guys… Gals… Let’s stop living out our decisions as if this instant gratification is the greatest decision we can make. You know as well as I do that you always end up regretting that decision. However, you also know that paying off that debt feels tremendous. Getting out from under that loan creates so much freedom.

Let’s stop living for the moment and start planning for the future.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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