I Miss The Mountains

During the two years that we lived in Virginia, we were given the opportunity to vacation at the ocean on four different occasions. The agency we worked for sent us on a trip to Kill Devil Hills, NC one year and Myrtle Beach the next. We also got the chance to go to Virginia Beach and Sandbridge Beach on a couple of our long stretches off. Man, I love the ocean. I really never feel freer than when I am sitting with my feet in the waves. 

Sometime before we moved, Sydney and I were talking about summer plans. She goes, “Dad, are we going to get to go to the ocean this summer?” My reply… “Sis, there is no ocean in Illinois.”

Oh yeah…..

This is not to say that there are not plenty of things to do and see in Illinois. It’s just that I had spent my entire life there minus the two Virginia years. I had moved away from Illinois specifically for the purpose of seeing new things. You can only look at corn and bean fields for so long before they lose their excitement.

But, you know what? For as much as I love the ocean, what I really miss about living in Virginia is the mountains. Oh my goodness. I loved driving up through the Blue Ridge Mountains. They are so beautiful.

Elisa and I have talked about going back someday. Maybe when the kids are out of the house and we are a little closer to retirement. We’ve discussed buying a home in either Virginia or North Carolina. Both provide an equal opportunity for mountain living and beach exploration. When we were in the Lynchburg area, we were forty-five minutes from the mountains and about three hours from the ocean. It was great.

For now, I guess I better start saving up my pennies so that I can return.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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