Be Aware

Have you ever had one of those moments where you are super-aware of the impact that your own decisions have on those around you? You see your children performing actions or saying things that you know they got from you. Maybe something is being introduced at the job that you discovered. Regardless, this is your imprint on their lives. Something you did made a difference to someone else.

Most of the time, we are not aware of those moments, even when they are happening. I think this is because, for the most part, we are not looking for them. Many of us are simply trying to get by in life. The idea that something that we choose to do or say could be impactful beyond that moment is a foreign thought.

But, consider if for a second. The easiest way to wrap your mind around it is probably by examining your own childhood. Now, you’re not looking at your own life but at the life of your parents. How many identifiable occurrences can you come up with? How many decisions did your parents make that you can look back on and say, “that helped to shape who I am?”

See, it happens more often than you would like to admit. Now, why do I say this? I think that the more aware we are of how much our decisions affect others, the more likely we are to feel the gravity of those decisions. And, many people don’t like that feeling. It’s easier to glide through life without considering what kind of imprint we leave on the world. When a person lives that way, you can be more carefree and less responsible.

YOLO! (Still a bad idea)

But, we can’t just turn off the reality of it. We live in a connected society, more so today than ever. Everything we say and do is going to influence the decisions and actions of someone else. Heck, even our thoughts are important. Because of this, we must be super careful about the way that we live our lives. When you make a decision, don’t just consider how it will effect you. Think about your kids. Think about your neighbors. Think about your co-workers. It’s not just a thought. It’s your responsibility.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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