Buyer’s Regret

Every time I go to Wal-Mart, I see about a million things that I think that I need to buy. Of course, I do not actually need any of these things (The $5 movie bin is a tool of Satan). Who really does? However, this is Today Me that needs his instant gratification. Of course, if I were to buy that $800 dollar television, it’s not like I wouldn’t enjoy it. Then, if I had that tv, I would obviously need to buy a new Xbox One to play games on it. See, the list goes on and on of all the things that Today Me wants to have in my house.

It can become a trap, really. The list of things that you have to have in your possession can get so long that you can’t really ever reach the end of it. Meanwhile, that list of things that you want to build on for your future never gets addressed because you never stop working on today’s list.

I have recently adopted a new philosophy that I encourage you to take up as well.

“Every penny that you spend today is a penny that you borrow from tomorrow.”

I read once that an individual who insists on taking regular, expensive vacations is doing so at the expense of their retirement. See, every time you dump money into an expensive trip, you are pushing back the amount of time that it takes you to retire. I suppose the same could be said for our purchases. Every time we buy something that we don’t need, regardless of the cost, we are moving back the dates for our future plans.

Measure those things out. What is really more important to you? Heck, you might decide that it really is more important to have all of those things now. It might be more important to you that you have a 60-inch flat screen television in every room of your house. I guess that’s fine.

However, most of us end up experiencing buyer’s regret on a lot of our purchases. After you have that new thing in your house and realize the cost, both now and the future, you tend to experience some second thoughts. A good approach is to sit on the purchase for a while. Set aside a certain amount of time before making the purchase. This gives you an opportunity to evaluate if you really want or need the item. What else could that money have been better suited for? What could Future Me do with that money instead?

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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