Plan For Your Future

A few years ago, I started doing some serious evaluating of my life and how well I was providing for my family. I started reading anything I could get my hands on in regards to finances. I made a choice to start living my life a little more intentionally. I wanted to stop feeding Today Me (the dude that keeps me from planning for the future). The result: I can honestly say that, for the first time in my life, I have 5 and 10 year plan for myself and my family. I think this is what determines which Me wins. This is also probably true for all of us.

Do you have a plan for your future or do you live life day by day?

I talk a lot about budgeting and finance but this 5 to 10-year plan really extends beyond that area of life. Simply put, what do you want to have accomplished in the next decade? Maybe your goals are financial. Maybe your goal is to have your college debt paid off and be working on paying down your mortgage. Hey, that’s an excellent goal.

Maybe it’s to have your kids out of the house and established. In ten years, both of my kids will be adults, well almost anyways. That would probably be a good goal for me. Get those kids prepared so that they can stand on their own as an adult.

Maybe a goal for you may be accomplishing some social goals. Perhaps you would like to go into local politics and want to set some goals as you ascend into a higher local office.

Who knows? It really doesn’t matter what those goals are. It’s just important to have them. A future goal gives you a destination. Without a destination, you are simply a ship that is lost at sea. You need a harbor to arrive in. So, I challenge you right now. Grab a sheet of paper and write down five goals. These are five things that you would like to have accomplished in the next ten years. Then, start drawing a map that gets you from here to there.

Then, identify the things in your life that are preventing you from reaching these goals. Establish filters to prevent you from falling into these areas.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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