They Still Love Books…

Just not with me…


Yeah, my kids read a lot. I’ve written about this in the past. We have always had books around and, when not reading at home, make frequent trips to our local libraries. We put the kids in the summer reading programs and watch as they accumulate prize after prize after prize for reaching reading benchmarks.

So, I was pretty excited when I got a hold of a leatherbound copy of the entire Chronicles of Narnia series. Having never read these books myself, I was super excited about cracking this dude open and sharing these stories with my children. This quickly turned on me.

We started off with the Magician’s Nephew. Each chapter is about seven or eight pages long and we decided to do a chapter a night. About three or four pages in, Caleb is hanging backward over the edge of the couch and Sydney has this glassy-eyed look the signifies that she has checked out and her mind is somewhere else entirely.

What I thought would be an exciting adventure together has turned into a chore. Its only purpose seems to be to fill space before they get ready for bed. One could argue that it is still quality time spent together regardless. But, they just don’t seem to enjoy it. Maybe the story just doesn’t interest them that much. Maybe I don’t interest them that much?

Is this just that inevitable turn that everyone warned me about where I just sort of fade into the background of my children’s life. I mean, I’m not home as often as I used to be. Working in residential care, I was home 24/7. Now I’m working 48 to 56 hours a week at a job that requires an hour and half of driving every day as well. They spend the majority of their time with their mother. Maybe it’s her turn to be at the forefront of their attention.

Many of you are probably thinking, “Come on dude. You’re being a little dramatic right now.” And, you’re probably right. I’m tired right now which always puts me in a depressed mood where the world is suddenly out to get meworld is suddenly out to get me. Why wouldn’t my children be losing interest in me?

I know that’s not really what’s happening. I mean, after all, one of the prizes that Caleb won for the summer reading program was a coupon for a free Jimmy John’s sandwich that he immediately gave to me because he knows how much I love JJ’s. Also, every day when I get home from work, they run to the door to tell me all about their day.

I guess they just don’t want to sit and listen to me read anymore.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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