My Old Man

My father passed away seven years ago and, because of the nature of our damaged relationship, it’s not often that I put much thought into it. I hope that doesn’t make me a bad person. However, without having a working knowledge of what it was like to live with the man, it would probably be hard for a person to understand how I might be the way I am. Continue reading “My Old Man”

Finding Motivation

Fourteen days have passed since the last time that I posted anything on the old blog. Some of you might have been thinking, “What’s up, Strange? Is everything okay?” That’s half a month without any new content or material. Well, let me tell you. Four straight weeks of 56 hours of work ad this guy has had trouble fitting anything else in. But, that could just be an excuse, I guess. I mean, I still have useable hours where I am neither sleeping or working. Continue reading “Finding Motivation”

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