Where Have You Lived?

Since my daughter was born, we have lived in six different houses. She’s only 12. That’s not good. While it hasn’t been planned, we have moved approximately once every two years of her life. Now, you might say, “Why is that such a bad thing?” Well, bouncing from place to place isn’t necessarily healthy for a child. We are told that they need consistency for their development. Requiring our children to make brand new relationships every few years is not what you would call consistent.

To her benefit, we have homeschooled our children which means that she has not had to uproot from multiple schools. However, this model is not ideal and should be avoided at all costs. Why did you do it, you might ask? Have you had trouble maintaining your jobs? Did you have trouble paying your rent and get kicked out of your homes a lot? No. The best excuse that I have is that I really just have trouble staying in one place. I get restless and I want to see more than what is just across the street from my house.

When we moved back to Illinois, Elisa made me promise that I would not relocate again until our children were out of school. Fine. I can do that. After all, since I was born, I have lived in 19 different houses. I’m only 43 years old. That’s a new house approximately once every 2.3 years. Wow, I’m starting to see a pattern emerge.

Now, not all of those houses have been in different towns. I lived in two different places in Louisville. I lived in 6 different places in Flora (in 6 years). My youngest child is turning eight in just a few more days. So, this trend is going to stretch itself out a bit. If Caleb lives with us until he is 21 or 22 (into his college years) then I am a Highlander for the next fourteen years.

Since birth, I have lived in:

St. Louis, MO

Louisville, IL

Flora, IL

Charleston, IL

Ashmore, IL

Carmi, IL

Brookneal, VA

Highland, IL

Some of you might have me beat but eight towns seem like quite a few. Now, I have every intention of moving again someday. I don’t think I want to retire in Illinois and would love to either move back to the east coast or perhaps south to Atlanta. Even if we should decide to stay in Highland, we currently live in a two-story home that would not be ideal when I get nearer to retirement.

How about you? What’s your story when it comes to relocation? How many of you can top 19 houses in 8 towns over two states? Let me know in the comments section below. Or, if you linked from my facebook group page, you can leave a comment there.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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