Vacation Ideas for Your Family Trips

Before moving back to Illinois, the Strange family was always down for a road trip vacation. Between multiple beach trips along the east coast to a 22-hour drive (with a pop-up camper in tow) to Padre Island off the coast of Corpus Christi, Texas, it felt like we were always traveling somewhere.

Since starting my new job with US Steel, our traveling schedule has screeched to a dead stop. However, at some point, our intentions are to return to our traveling ways.

You might find yourself in a similar position to where we were just a few years ago. Maybe you have a job (or no job) that allows flexibility for travel. Yet, with that comes the decision that everyone faces.

Where do we go next?

Maybe you have been to a handful of neat and relaxing vacation spots already and cannot come up with any new ideas. Fear not, you have come to the right place.

Mallory Creveling, over at Men’s Journal, has provided us with 10 new ideas for traveling, particularly if you are looking to travel over the next month. Hopefully, this provides you with some new ideas for your traveling itinerary.

With the temperatures turned down, nature’s colors turned up, and the kids back in school, fall is the ultimate time to book a trip to national parks. You not only get fewer crowds and even better landscape views, but your trip becomes a little more spontaneous thanks to the unpredictable weather—whether it’s extra-cool nights or a freak snowstorm.

“Fall is my favorite season to visit national parks for a variety of reasons, depending on location,” says Heather Gyselman, REI adventure travel’s North American program manager. “In the west and midwest, the crowds are gone and there’s a hush in the air. You no longer have to jostle for a spot at favored overlooks, and it’s almost like the parks are letting out a deep long sigh. There are pops of colors here and there, which contrast beautifully against bright blue skies, shades of evergreen trees, and jagged peaks. And in the east, parks just show off. It’s nature’s firework show and a finale to the long hot summer.”

To help you choose the location that serves up nature’s best scenes, we asked Gyselman and a few other experts their go-to spots for the season. Book a trip, plan your activity of choice and enjoy the colorful display.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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