A Funny Memory

It’s funny how memories make their way back into the forefront of our minds with no explanation as to how or why they are there. You know what I mean right? You’re watching your favorite tv show when all a sudden your mind goes back to that time you laughed too hard and peed your pants.

I mean, why did that memory show up when it did? Anyways, I was sitting downstairs in my little mancave area this afternoon and a memory from my childhood popped into the aware part of my brain.

I remember, one time, when my cousin had come over to hang out at the house. We had spent the majority of the day together and it was time for him to go home. My mother had some American cheese slices in the refrigerator that we had eaten some of previously.

My cousin asked his mom if he could have a slice of cheese before he left and she replied with no. It was time to leave.

However, a slice of American cheese did sound pretty good. So, as they were walking out the front door, I asked my mom if I could have a slice of cheese.

My cousin’s mother, thinking that he had asked my mom for cheese after he had been told no, spun around and smacked him. “I told you no”, she said. She then grabbed his arm and pulled him out of the front door.

I felt pretty bad.

I don’t even remember if I got a piece of cheese but that memory has hung with me now for like 32 or 33 years. Of course, after reliving this moment, now I’m hungry for a slice of cheese.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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