In Lieu of Insight

I just got back home from taking my kids up to the Weinheimer Center in Highland where a large number of homeschooling families meet on Thursdays.

We get together and let the kids hang out. For those who feel like homeschool families starve their children of any opportunities and, in turn, stunt their emotional and social development, this is an activity to the contrary.

I think there were around thirty kids there today. We celebrated a birthday by playing Minute 2 Win It style games and, in general, had a very good afternoon.

My plan was to come home and share a nugget of insight into the successful development of the family unit by blogging about how to improve finances or raise responsible children.

However, after parking in front of this screen, I gave in to the fact that I am lacking in insight today. Either that or I am stuck in music listening mode which also is happening currently.

Last night, I was watching a preview for the second season of a show on Netflix that my wife and I enjoyed a couple of years ago and the following song played. You know how I am about cover songs. Anyways, I had to share it.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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