Kids Are Jerks, You Probably Were Too

So, I have this old journal notebook that my mother gave me a couple of decades or so ago. In it is a series of writing prompts that are supposed to help us chronical our lives in order for the person that gave it to us to have a better picture of who we are. I never gave it back to her. Oops. I filled out the first portion of this book but never finished it. However, it makes for excellent writing prompts for the old blog so here we go. Today’s prompt: Tell about the naughtiest thing you ever did. If you got caught, what were the consequences?

Well, a handful of things automatically jumped to the forefront of my mind. Most of them involved Mitch Hartsey. I’ll confess to the one that didn’t involve him first, then move on from there.

As a side note, I feel a little bit like Chunk from The Goonies at this moment. I am reminded of the scene where the Fratelli’s are trying to get information out of him by threatening to stick his hand in the blender. Mama Fratelli says, “Start from the beginning” and he does.

So, the first truly naughty thing that I remember doing took place when I was probably in sixth or seventh grade and happened in my grade school library. There was a multitude of displays around the library of plantlife that students had put together. Some of them had cockleburr plants on them.

For whatever reason (which I still have no explanation for outside of just pure evil) me and another student (not Mitch Hartsey), decided that we should remove those cockleburrs and throw them into the hair of a girl in the library.

Now, this girl had really long hair that those burrs began getting tangled into. I don’t even remember how many we had thrown into her hair before someone realized what was happening. What I do remember was that they became so entangled that the librarian and a couple of teachers feared they would have to cut her hair to remove them.

I don’t remember the extent of the punishment for this but whatever it was, it was well deserved. Kids can be jerks and I was at the top of the list on that day.


Now, for the Mitch Hartsey related naughtiness. I used to sneak out a lot when I was in high school. Mitch would come over to my house and we would run around town for a few hours at night. I’m not even sure why we did it now. Boredom maybe? Just the thrill of getting caught? Probably just because we weren’t supposed to.

One night, we turned the headlights on to some of the school buses at the high school and hid in the cemetery across the road while the police examined it.

One night, we started up a guys lawnmower in his yard and left it running. We hid in some bushes across the road and watched the guy come out and search his yard for the culprits.

One night, we messed with the lights on a guy’s tractor that led to the police chasing me all the way back to my house where they caught up with me. Thankfully, my father was asleep that night and my mother never told him. I got a smack on the wrist for that one and pretty much stopped with the shenanigans at that point.

These things were all fun and games at the time, but, as an adult, I would be furious if my son was pulling stunts like this.

Yesterday, I wrote about the need for discipline in your home. Today, I’m just enforcing that by exposing my own bad behavior. I had boundaries and discipline and would still act like a fool from time to time.

Kids though.

Even the best of the bunch can be a jerk from time to time. Not that I was the best of the bunch by any means.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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