The Strange Family

I am so grateful for my family. Have you ever had a day where that hits you? I mean, they really are fantastic and I cannot fathom what life would be like without them. Each one of them holds their own place in my heart and their own significance in our home.

Sydney Strange

She is my first child and had me all to herself for about four to five years. I remember when she was born. Oh my gosh, she took forever. Elisa was in labor for over 30 hours before Sydney finally made her appearance. This should have been a hint of things to come as she can be incredibly pokey at times.

However, she is such an amazing blessing. She’s so smart and incredible. But, not just that. She’s funny. Man, such a good sense of humor. I used to get a lot of snuggling from her. When she was two, she would come to sit on my lap every morning while she woke up. I don’t get those snuggles as often as I used to but when I do, it’s like magic.

I’m so in love with that little girl. She says that she’s not interested in boys but there’s one that she’s been getting to be friends with lately. His family home school as well and our lives overlap quite a bit. Sometimes, I will make a comment about him to her and she just rolls her eyes.

Caleb Strange

He and I are just far too similar. We butt heads constantly and I know it frustrates him. I just want so much for him to grow up into a strong young man.

I know he loves his dad though, regardless. Every night, before I go to work, he always throws his arms around my neck and hugs me as I am leaving. That little dude is the best. My family name lies on his shoulders and he’s gonna be just fine.

Mysaiah Chambers

This time, three years ago, I didn’t even know MC. He first came into our lives when we lived at the Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Home. He hated me at first (probably still does). He didn’t like my rules and boundaries. I didn’t care much for him either, truth be told.

He would roll his eyes when I told him to do something. Oh my gosh, that would set me off internally. Then, something happened.

He slowly started to grow on me. I think I might have grown on him as well. When we moved back to Illinois, MC stayed at the home.

However, Elisa and I made the decision to bring him out to Illinois to live with us. He has added a flavor to our home that was otherwise missing.

Elisa Strange

Where do I even start (I might be tearing up a bit here)? My life didn’t even start until that day she showed up late at Jackson Avenue Coffee. Fourteen years have passed since that day.

Fourteen years!!!

They have been the most fulfilling 14 years of my life. I tease her that she picked me up off the scrap heap and made something useful out of me. In reality, that’s not far from the truth. I was stuck in life before God brought us together.

There are a lot of amazing wives out there. I’m not trying to discount that. But they just don’t compare to this one. I’m not sure what I did to luck into this marriage but I thank God for her every day.

You know, it’s easy to take your family for granted. They’re always there and we can often begin overlooking the daily blessings that they provide. It’s good to take a moment to reflect on the blessing that they bring to our lives.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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