We Just Didn’t Fight

Do any of you have a sibling that you just simply cannot get along with? I’ve heard story after story after story about brothers and sisters who, despite their parents’ best efforts, grew up with a strong dislike of each other.

You hear these stories of fights over the silliest things. Over time, these silly fights (that seem small and insignificant) can drive a wedge between siblings.

My own children get along with each other most of the time but will get into some of the silliest fights. I’m not saying that they will become mortal enemies or anything, but I do worry about some of the silly arguments that they find themselves in.

Well, maybe worry isn’t the right word. Maybe frustrated is more accurate. Regardless, it got me to thinking about my sister.

You know, I don’t really remember fighting with my sister at all when we were kids. Now, she might tell you a different story. Who knows? But, I can only recall a handful of times that I was even really ever frustrated with her.

During the summer, we would have a list of chores that we had to work through daily before we could do anything else. Mom worked days shift and dad would take off pretty early every day for whatever it was that dad would do with his day.

Casey and I were not supposed to do anything until our chores were completed. The only problem with that was that Casey had no intention of doing those chores, ever.

But, who could blame her? She was nine years old. I have an eight-year-old in my house now and it’s like pulling teeth to… Actually, nevermind that statement. He’s actually pretty good about getting his chores done.

I would make my way through my list and she would not have even started on hers yet. So, what that meant was that I would do my chores and then I would do hers, pretty much every day.

Our neighbor had a pool that he would let my friend, Mitch, and I use whenever we wanted. We just had to keep it clean for him. After our chores were finished up, Casey and I would head on over to Ralph’s house to swim.

No big deal.

You know, now that I think about it, that wasn’t really a fight. Looking back, I guess I had it lucky. Like I said, I’ve heard the war stories that other people have about their siblings growing up. There were far more good times (like staying at grandma’s house) than bad. My sister was (and still is) pretty great. If you have a sibling that you made it through your childhood without killing, message them and let them know you love them.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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