I Mostly Hate Winter

I know, I know, I know….I’ve said it before. This is nothing new. I pretty much despise winter. It’s nasty and cold outside. The roads get disgusting and difficult to drive on. Everything is wet and uncomfortable. All the things that I enjoy about the outside world are ruined for a few months as we transition into a new year.

What has brought this thought up today, you might ask?

Well, it’s not too bad outside right now. The snow has melted off the ground and turned into a persisting layer of fog. The temperature has climbed back up to a level that almost doesn’t require an extra layer of clothing. We got out and went for a walk a couple of nights ago and didn’t even need a jacket.

However, I refuse to allow myself to be fooled. I know that winter is not over yet. I suspect that the cold will return to haunt me again before spring arrives. I mean, it’s only the end of December. We haven’t even started a new year yet and I have seen snow on my birthday which is at the end of March. (send money)

But, I guess winter isn’t completely terrible.

The memory book that my mother gave me is prompting me to talk about my winter memories today. It wants to know about the worst storm that I can remember as a child and where we would go sledding when the snow got crazy.

Well, as far as nasty winter storms go, I don’t remember the exact year. I do remember once having snow all the way up to our front porch, which was about three feet of snow. My cousin, Caleb, lived across the road from me. He came over one day and we, along with my sister, built forts and tunnels all over the yard.

However, when it came to sledding, the place to be was across town at Epworth Camp. And, it wasn’t just me that we there. People would come from all over Clay County to sled on the hills at the back of the camp.

For those of you who are not familiar with Epworth Camp, it is now an excellent private school called Full Armor Christian Academy.

There would be dozens of people sledding out there for hours at a time. There was a road that wound down the hill and crossed the sled path about halfway down the slope. We would pile snow mounds up on the road and make some pretty incredible ramps.

You had to be careful though. At the bottom of the hill was the woods. You could easily shoot right on into the woods if you were not careful.

There were other spots to sled in Louisville that were closer to my house but Epworth was definitely where it was at.

How about you?

What was your winter sledding experience?

Share in the comments below.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

2 thoughts on “I Mostly Hate Winter

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  1. As our family is traveling to a warmer climate for some R&R that the Christmas season can bring, I’m reading this heartfelt memory, loving the very thought of it and grateful for the name mention, Full Armor Christian Academy. It hit me this summer Zach, of the reality of how God had such an amazing plan for that hill, bigger than anything we could have imagined. Sacred grounds once used for instilling Gods truth in the lives of children 3 ish months out of the year… now instilling Gods truth in the lives of children 9-10 months out of the year through Christian education. One thing remains the same though…sledding and creating indelible memories❣️🛡⚔️❄️
    In His service & love,
    Cindy Bailey
    Executive Director


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