What’s on the tube?

Nowadays, a person can find pretty much anything that they want to watch upon request. Between streaming services like Netflix and Hulu (among others) and online rental services (such as what you would find on Amazon or Xbox Live), it is highly unlikely that a show or movie that you want to watch isn’t available and ready to be streamed.

This is the norm now.

Isn’t it interesting to look back a few years and consider how different this is from the way that it was growing up? And, each of us has a different experience to compare depending upon how old we are.

Now, I was born in 1976 and consider myself to be an 80’s child. Television viewing was limited to a handful of stations that were provided by our small-town media provider. I cannot remember for certain but I want to say that we had around 14 or 16 channels.

I remember when we first got ESPN and Fox but that wasn’t until the ’90s. I remember watching the Cosby Show (it’s crazy that he was raping women in real life while this show was in its peak) and Mr. Belvedere.

Another show that was high on my radar as a child was ALF.

These were all shows that everybody watched and remembers fondly. However, there were also these seemingly random shows that some remember better than others. For me, this was a show called Tour of Duty.

It was about this platoon of soldiers in Vietnam. When I was a child, pretty much anything army related was instantly a classic in my mind. It’s funny, the same can be said about my son now.

On Sundays, I would watch World Class Championship Wrestling. This was a promotion that was run by Fritz Von Erich out of Texas and featured his sons as, each week, they took on the likes of the Fabulous Freebirds and Chris Adams.

The crazy thing about all of these shows was that you could not just watch them when you wanted. You actually had to wait until they were scheduled to be on television.

And, if you missed an episode because you had to be somewhere else, it was gone. There was no catching it later when you got the chance. That is until they made it so you could set a timer on your VCR to record it.

Man, typing this has taken me right on down memory lane. So, what about you? What was your television experience like when you were a child? What were some of the shows that you simply could not miss?

Comment below and let me know.

And, as always….

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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