Be Careful What You Say

It was sometime during the summer of 1994. I’m not really sure of the date but I know that I was 18 and had graduated high school. I know that for sure. I was somewhere between being a child that had very few responsibilities and being an adult who needed to help out around the house more since I had a job.

My mind leaned more towards the former but my father‘s mind (and he was right) was definitely stuck on the latter. For that matter, on this particular day, our conversation became heated in regards to this struggle.

Dad wanted me to do some painting on one of the rooms in the house. To be more precise, he was in the process of converting my bedroom into his hunting room, a place for him to hang deer heads and store his treasure trove of guns and bows.

His side of the argument was that it was reasonable for me to paint the room for him since I was now a grown adult and was living in the house rent-free.

My side of the argument was that my father didn’t have a job and I did. Because of this, he had a lot more free time on his hands than I and should just paint the room himself.

Apparently, using normal words to drive home our points was not sufficient and I chose to add some good old cussing to drive home my point. Not caring if his feelings were hurt or not, I fired away and his response was, “Get out.” It was at this point that I no longer lived on Broadway Street in Louisville, IL.

It was also at this point that my mother, who was within earshot of this verbal exchange, on the other side of a window, probably felt her heart break a little bit. I mean, who really watches their child grow up dreaming that they will someday hear these words come out of their mouths?

See, we should always be careful about what we say. And, this is for many reasons.

For one, once those words have parted from your lips, they will never return. There is a plethora of passages found in the Bible in regard to the power of our words.

They can build up and they can absolutely destroy. Relationships can be started and ended on the words that flow from our mouths.

Wars can start.

Peace can be reached.

See, what we say guides who we are. Our hearts desires will manifest itself in what we say.

Beyond that, our words influence others. In particular, those who we are in charge of molding.

That’s right, our children will become who they are partly because of what we say to them. Their behaviors and habits are molded by our words. What they hear us say will help to mold their thoughts.

Don’t believe me, consider this. How many times have you heard your child say, “But dad said…..” They really do listen to every word we say.

So, be careful little mouth what you say….

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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